Breast Augmentation

Celebrity breast augmentations at The Art Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand, are confirmed by more than 20,000 successful cases.
Breast Augmentation in Bangkok,Thailand
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Breast Augmentation Reviews

Review by The Art Clinic

Breast Augmentation Reviews

Engfa | Motiva
Engfa | Motiva
Beauty Queen / Super Model
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My experience with breast augmentation was seamless from start to finish. The team was incredibly supportive, and the results are beyond my expectations. I feel more confident and feminine than ever before.
Tookta | Motiva
Tookta | Motiva
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"I was nervous about the recovery, but seeing my boob job before and after photos made it all worth it. I love my new curves!"
Namnont | Motiva
Namnont | Motiva
Influencer / Model
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"During my boob job consultation, the surgeon put me at ease and helped me choose the perfect implant size for my frame."
Francesca | Motiva
Francesca | Motiva
Influencer / Model
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"Going with an under the muscle boob job was the right choice for me. It gave me a perkier, more youthful look. You can barely even notice my boob job scars anymore. They faded away so well with proper scar care."
Cream | Motiva
Cream | Motiva
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"The team made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole boob job process, from the first consultation to my final follow-up. Besides,the cohesive gel boob job material looks and feels incredibly natural. I'm so glad I went with these implants."

Breast Augmentation

Review by The Art Clinic

Breast Implants Brands

The Art Clinic

Mentor VS Motiva

Breast Augmentation Implants

Motiva Implants

Motiva implants are known for their flexibility and adaptability within the body, featuring a unique semi-smooth, semi-textured surface. This characteristic helps in achieving a natural breast touch and appearance, closely mimicking the natural droplet shape of breasts. The movement of breasts with Motiva implants follows the natural force of gravity, ensuring a natural-looking breast augmentation. Made from premium materials, Motiva implants are a bit more expensive than other options but offer a high level of quality and safety.

Motiva implants are particularly suitable for individuals with thin skin, enhancing the softness and reducing the risk of rippling and implant movement. The combination of silicone gel with a protective layer like BluSeal, and a Nano Texture surface, provides a soft, velvet-like feel, minimizing the formation of capsular contracture and making it less likely to see wrinkles or implant edges, even in those with thin skin.

Mentor Implants

Mentor implants are also highly popular and globally recognized for their safety and long-standing reputation. As an American brand, Mentor implants are approved by health authorities in the US, Thailand, and other countries, ensuring they meet strict safety and quality standards. The gel used in Mentor implants is known for its density and softness, offering flexibility and a variety of surfaces (textured and smooth) and shapes (round and teardrop) to suit different aesthetic preferences and anatomies.

Mentor implants are designed to achieve a pronounced, natural-looking bust, with options for round or teardrop shapes to fit individual needs for a natural outcome. They are known for their softness and ability to maintain stability and shape in alignment with gravitational forces.

Comparison Summary:

  • Motiva: Known for their innovative semi-smooth, semi-textured surface, flexibility, and premium materials. Suitable for those with thin skin, offering a natural look and feel with advanced technology to minimize complications.

  • Mentor: Globally recognized for safety and quality, offering a variety of implant types to achieve a natural or pronounced look. Known for their density, softness, and flexibility, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of aesthetic goals.

Both brands offer unique advantages, and the choice between Motiva and Mentor implants depends on individual needs, body characteristics, and desired outcomes.

The Art Clinic's Breast Augmentation Techniques



  • Description: This method involves placing the silicone gel implant under the breast tissue but above the chest muscle.
  • Pros: Less painful, quicker recovery, and breasts settle into their final position faster.
  • Cons: Higher risk of capsular contracture (scar tissue that tightens around the implant), quicker breast sagging, visible rippling, and easier to feel the implant under the muscle.


  • Description: The implant is placed underneath the chest muscle.
  • Pros: Reduced risk of capsular contracture, less palpable implants, and decreased likelihood of breast sagging.
  • Cons: Can be more painful, longer recovery, and the implant might be distorted by muscle movement, leading to an unnatural breast shape.

Dual Plane Technique

  • Description: A more advanced method that combines the benefits of both subglandular and submuscular placements. The implant is placed partially under the breast gland and partially under the pectoral muscle.
  • Pros: Offers a natural-looking breast shape with a slight teardrop appearance, realistic touch, less visibility of the implant edges, reduced sagging, and lower risk of capsular contracture. It addresses most of the issues associated with the previous two techniques.
  • Cons: The procedure might be more complex compared to the other two methods.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Techniques

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed using various techniques, with the surgical incision locations varying as follows:


Endoscopic surgery under the armpit

This method uses an endoscope to visualize the surgical area.

  • Minimizes nerve damage.
  • Smaller incisions, less pain, and faster recovery.
  • Reduces postoperative pain, swelling, and bruising.
  • High precision increases safety.
  • Endoscopic breast augmentation technique at The Art Clinic.
  • Cone technique for breast augmentation at The Art Clinic.

Implant insertion under the breast fold

The under-breast fold incision is the most popular because it is easy to care for, with the scar being hidden within the breast fold itself.

  • Effectively conceals the scar due to its small size, up to 1.5 cm.
  • Shortens surgery time, resulting in less bruising and faster recovery.
  • Reduces direct silicone contact, helping to lower the infection rate.

Dual Plane+ Technique, Exclusive to The Art Clinic

Results in beautifully shaped, prominent, and naturally contoured breasts without blockiness or wrinkles. This technique is ideal for individuals with less tissue, making silicone edges less visible and preventing future sagging.

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Breast Augmentation Guideline at The Art Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation

You can breastfeed normally, and there are no side effects.

It depends on the individual’s physical condition, but generally about 1 week.

Since the surgery involves anesthesia, it’s recommended to stay for one night for recovery. If that’s not possible, you should rest for at least 3-4 hours.

  • Teardrop-shaped implants are suitable for those with less breast tissue, emphasizing a natural look
  • Round implants are suitable for those with more breast tissue, focusing on a fuller and more projected look, with high flexibility

If unsure, you can consult with an expert doctor for advice on choosing the right silicone implant shape that fits your body type.

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